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PMV Technologies

29215 Stephenson Hwy.
Madison Heights, Michigan 48071

Sam Rozenberg

Is Scott Goemell's description of you correct?
It sounds pretty reasonable because I have a passion for automation in general and computers in particular. But I want to point out that we're not just computer geeks here. We're business people who leverage our knowledge to help the average businessperson.

Do businesses really need the services of a company like yours? Can't they just train a few employees on IT?
It's not that easy. They're all busy concentrating on their regular work and  taking care of customer needs. They don't have time to chase around for solutions. Our biggest assistance is in what we call 'break-fix' problems. They may break something on the computer during in the day and we fix it; or the ipad or smart phone.

Our command center, operating around the clock, (headed by Steve Fishman of Huntington Woods) keeps track of our work. In fact, most of the 'break-fix' issues can be resolved remotely by our technician who gets right into a person's computer. One of our employees even does this from Maryland where she moved with her husband, who works for the Secret Service.

Why do you handle only small or medium-sized companies?
We simply found our niche with smaller firms in need of enterprise-class IT solutions. We've actually taken the IT requirements of big companies and applied them to smaller organizations, such as professional offices, stores, banks, churches, health-care associations and others. We were the first company to do this exclusively in the Detroit area seven years ago. Now, a dozen other companies are performing these functions.

How much do you charge them?
We use a fixed-fee basis — $100 per employee per month, and our clients make the most of it because we offer them a variety of services, not just the 'break-fix' corrections. And a number of them have multi-locations.

About half of our clients are non-profit organizations, many of them need help to get into medical records and so forth. Also, we operate our business with no outside investors and no external funding of any kind.

Tell us more about the planning services of PMV Technologies.
 Our clients are buying not just an entire IT department, but business strategists powered by IT thinkers. We're unique because we focus on our clients' plan for their future IT needs; integrate IT into the company's business plan.

How do prospective clients learn about your services?
Mainly by word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. We do very little advertising. We spend $2,000 a month on radio commercials on WWJ, but that's about it.

Do you take a rest from all this high technology in your spare time?

Not really. I'm a board member of several charitable organizations, and I provide guidance in helping these organizations leverage technology to achieve their goals.

Bill Carroll is a freelance writer and former public relations specialist for Ford Motor Co.

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