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Sabra Scott-Moorman & Catherine Watson, telling entrepreneurs' stories

Sabra Scott-Moorman and Catherine Watson, the co-founders of Cosmo Marketing and Branding, know that to effectively marketing small businesses it comes down to enabling them to tell their stories in a compelling manner.

Sounds simple? It's not. If it were more than half of small businesses, on average, wouldn’t fail within their first few years. It's why the Detroit-based marketing agency, it calls the Pony Ride co-working space in Corktown home, decided to base its business model on it.

"What do you want to be associated with?" Watson says. "What is their back story, and how does that relate to how they want to present themselves?"

Watson and Scott-Moorman know that answer differs from client to client. Well-thought-out marketing strategies need to be customized to the client. Some need product design help. Others require guerilla marketing campaigns. Event planning is critical for others.

"You will see that a lot of businesses have to establish themselves as an attraction," Scott-Moorman says.

It also requires helping the client to focus on marketing. Specifically the blocking and tackling aspects of it. What brands do they want to be established with? How do they see themselves? How do they want to be seen? Most importantly, how do they convey that to their customers? Is a social media campaign the best option or perhaps a series of events?

"You want to halt the process of daydreaming and get them to focus on marketing tactics,” Watson says. She adds, "it's hard for people to interrupt daily routines to improve their products and services."

The bottom line is to choose a narrative that best aligns with what the business is all about, figure out how best to convey that, and then do it. Sound complicated? It's really just as simple as telling a company's story.

"It’s something we take pride in," Watson says.

- Written by Jon Zemke

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