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Vernor Chiropractic Clinic

5901 West Vernor Highway
Detroit, Michigan 48209

Rashad Saleh, DC

Who was your first employee and how you find him/her?
Our first employee's is Trina and she still remains with us till today. We are lucky to have her and over the last 6 years she has trained many and cares for our clinic and our patients like her family. And now after 6 years we finally have the professional team we have been looking for since we opened. Over the last year we have brought in Jennifer, Laura and Gustavo to our team and each one plays a crucial role in the experience each and every patient has with us.

What is the impact that Vernor Chiropractic has made in your community?
After treating patients for 10 years in SW Detroit and treating thousands of patients from all over Michigan, and  many others traveling from  many other states including Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, New York and California and even flying in from Mexico we have come to a point where patients now know where to come to be pain free and  healthy. Whether it is for information about healthy eating, weight loss or information on getting rid of years of pain people now know who to trust with all their health needs.

About Michigan... if you could change one thing about this region, what would it be?
There is not much I would want to change about Michigan. It has been voted among the most beautiful of all states and has kind and hard working people with the country's largest fresh water reserves. Now if we can just import some of that Mexican weather that would just make it that much better. Michigan and Detroit are on their way back to being better than ever and we are lucky enough to be here in the right place and at the right time.

What are you plans for the next years?
In the years to come, our goals are to continue serving this community with chiropractic, health and wellness. We will continue education our community on what being healthy really is. On the dangers of using common household items and eating common foods that many mistakenly consider healthy and to listen to the warning signals that the body gives us and that most ignore.

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