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Arbor Endo Solutions

Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Rahul Rattan

What educational, entrepreneurial or business development programs, if any, have you taken advantage of?
ASME iShow, Ann Arbor Boot Camp, USF International Business Challenge etc.

Where did you find your first employee?
BME class at U-M

Have you promoted an intern to employee status, and if so how many times have you done it?
Once. We promoted Raghunath Katragadda to team member.

Where have you turned to find capital to grow your company and which institutions have provided it?
University of Michigan Tech Transfer Office financed obtainment of intellectual property.

What could local leaders do to help attract and retain more entrepreneurial young people to Metro Detroit?
Entrepreneurial boot camps where young entrepreneurs can get advice and refine their businesses with the help of experienced businessmen. Also, we should provide advice for raising capital and access to investors.

What is one thing Michigan does better or has going for it that other more successful regional economies don't?
The skilled work force, which is currently under-utilized. It would allow for rapid expansion if a new industry were to take hold locally.

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