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Detroit, MI 48226

Natalia Petraszczuk

Natalia Petraszczuk's story is one of luck, community, and keeping faith in her vision.

Petraszczuk had always wanted to launch a business around the idea of a vision board – a powerful tool used to envision success. She didn’t really know where to get started until she heard about Startup Weekend in Detroit.

At the event, Petraszczuk met her co-founder Stephanie Dionne, created a minimal viable product, and the team went on to win the Detroit Startup Weekend competition. Winning in Detroit led to another great opportunity. Their startup was the only American team to win in the Global Startup Weekend Battle, winning the 2013 UP Global Innovator’s Championship.

Now, they’re working on rolling out a special early adopters program with partners and individuals to test and evolve the online platform that will help users envision daily success.   

"The self-improvement industry is estimated at $11 billion alone in the U.S.," says Petraszczuk, who sees it as a great market opportunity.

Visionboards currently plans to provide professional printed vision boards, goal-setting and accountability tools online, with options for professional coaching. They are working on refining their goal setting and accountability features, aimed at helping just about anyone. Currently, customers will be able to set a specific image for their vision board along with options to write an action plan and set deadlines and reminders.

"None of our competitors have the scope of research and merchandise available in one website like Visionboards," Petraszczuk says. "We aim to help athletes, employees, teams, children and more."

Petraszczuk is originally from Detroit and her co-founder Dionne migrated from Canada over a decade ago. The two have been genuinely overwhelmed by the supportive startup community in southeast Michigan.

"I had no idea how vast the resources and support were in the city until we participated in Detroit Startup Weekend," Petraszczuk says.

Their larger vision for the company is to expand internationally, especially to Australia and Brazil where Petraszczuk says the two countries are committed to understanding the concepts of visualization and self-empowerment.

Keep an eye out in February for this startup's crowdfunding campaign. Next time you have a vision, you can create your own powerful image and goals on Visionboard. You'll also want to make sure to attend a Startup Weekend event near you. You never know when you’ll meet the right co-founder and get started building that vision.

- Written by Amanda Lewan

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