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Michael Evans

Michael Evans and his podcasting startup, PishPosh, aren't going anywhere. That's a relevant statement because the 20-something entrepreneur has plenty of opportunity to set up shop somewhere else.

Evans, a Boston-Edison resident, was employee No. 1 for Forrst, a New York City-based startup that hosted an online community for software developers and designers. Evans ran community projects for it, splitting his time between New York and Detroit. COLOURlovers acquired Forrst in 2010. Evans launched PishPosh shortly after that and decided to consolidate his time in one city: Detroit.

"There are so many more opportunities that we have here that we wouldn't have in other places," Evans says. "People need our services. We’re helping Deadline Detroit record its weekly shows. If we were in a different city the market would be saturated."

Instead PishPosh is handling podcasting and video work for the likes of Model D, Moosjaw and Deadline Detroit. It's enough work to keep the startup's core team of six people working and dreaming about creating their own content. It now has a twice-weekly video that rounds up the headlines for the last few days called Slash Detroit. It’s on its 62nd episode and capitalizing on the team’s intrinsic knowledge of everything local.

"We have more of an investment in Detroit and Michigan than we would in other places," Evans says. "We think this is a good market for our knowledge base."

PishPosh got its start in Evans’ Boston-Edison home but moved to the Department of Alternatives co-working space in downtown Detroit during the summer. There it works with the likes of LOVELAND Technologies (where Evans also holds a position) and a number of other local startups that are focused on Detroit and their respective social entrepreneurial ventures.

"Being downtown, everybody is always looking to help everybody else and share resources to build stuff up in the area," Evans says. “Where we are at the Department of Alternatives, everybody is looking to do something together to uplift the city. It's definitely been a breath of fresh air."

That isn't necessarily the case in the startup cultures on the coasts. In Detroit, other startups get to lean on PishPosh's multimedia expertise and the 3-year-old startup gets to play with some of the cooler toys that make their way through the Department of Alternatives, such as the early release of Google Glass eyeware that LOVELAND Technologies got its hands on this summer.

Evans wants PishPosh to experiment with more cutting-edge technology like that while increasing its focus on capitalizing on the team’s creative talents.

"We'd like to be producing more of our independent content," Evan says. "We have gotten into an area, being in downtown, where we are helping other companies tell their stories. We also want to produce our own content for other people to watch."

- Written by Jon Zemke

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