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The Floyd Leg

2801 14th St
Detroit, MI 48104

Kyle Hoff

Most crowd funding campaigns launch with the best of intentions. Some even with a solid plan for reaching their fundraising goal. Many never never hit the magic number they set for themselves. Then there are some that blow that number away.

The Floyd Leg is one that blew everybody away.

"It's amazing tool for someone starting a business without putting up the capital," says Kyle Hoff, co-founder & creator of The Floyd Leg. "It helps you see what the market is like."

The Floyd Leg is actually one of four steel table legs that attach to just about any flat surface. It uses a bolt clamp to fasten the leg to things like old doors to create a makeshift coffee table or something else with light-to-medium use. Each leg is fabricated in Metro Detroit at a local manufacturer and is made at the company’s offices in Detroit’s North Corktown neighborhood.

"I didn't want to buy some furniture from IKEA I would dispose of when I moved," Hoff says. "I didn't have access to a wood shop either."

That inspired him to create the Floyd leg, which was a greener and more portable option for young people constantly on the move who want to customize their living spaces. Hoff and his partner, Alex O-Dell, launched a crowd funding campaign early this year to pay for the first round of production for The Floyd Leg. It set a goal of $18,000. It raised $256,000.

"We just told a story of how things came about," Hoff says. "Alex, my partner, also did a great job with the video and fleshing out the storyline. It wasn't just a product in a store. It was a product with a story behind it."

Check out that story, specifically the video for it, here.

The Floyd Leg found 1,395 backers from its crowding funding campaign. It not only served as a built-in customer base for the company’s primary product but also established itself in its market place.

"One of the huge payoffs was it definitely created a buzz around the product," Hoff says.

Hoff and O'Dell are currently building out their first shipment of The Floyd Legs to their first customers. Their advice to to people who want to follow in their foot steps. Tell your story and make it as compelling and transparent as possible.

"Transparency is huge," Hoff says. "Keep your backers up to date. They're on the ground level. They will want to know."

- Written by Jon Zemke

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