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Kevin Harman

You talk about staying at the forefront of technology, but a lot of people say that. How do you make sure you stay there?
One of the things we embrace is analytics. It's one thing to have access to this data but what are you going to do with this data? We spend a great deal of time strategizing around it. That's how we stay fresh.

How do you make sure your company doesn't fall into the trap of growing too fast?
We were doing that in the early years. We made a decision between do we want to be a churn-and-burn agency or a boutique agency. We choose the latter. At this point, we're not the cheapest agency out there.

Internet branding, SEO, and social media. How do you convey the importance of these things to business people who are unfamiliar or afraid of them?
The person who is going to sign up with us will be knowledgeable or at least have the practical knowledge that this is a good decision to make. Our clients know their products and services better than anyone. They live and breathe that. We're good at the online channels. Let us be the experts that drive that.

Do you think it's only a matter of time before e-commerce supplants brick-and-mortar businesses as the dominant avenue for shopping?
It will be a while before it dominates. You see double-digit growth, but there will always be a spot for brick-and-mortar. They can work hand-in-hand. Look at Apple. It has sold directly to the consumer. They sell online and have brick-and-mortar, but Target is doing quite well selling the iPad right now.

Harman, professionally you grew up in your family's plastics company, however, you chose to start your own firm. Why build your own car when you can already drive the family sedan?
It's what I always wanted to do. And I have always loved technology. Ever since I was a kid with my Commodore computer. I always want to know how we can leverage technology to make a better business.

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