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Ask Blanks!

65 Cadillac Square
Suite #2200 - 22nd floor
Detroit, MI 48226

Ken "Blanks" Harrell

What educational, entrepreneurial or business development programs, if any, have you taken advantage of?
I have attended and presented at workshops and seminars on: social media, start-up funding, marketing and leadership.

Who was your first customer and where did you find them?
Lor-Lor-Ja Greek Paraphernalia, I found them through a referral.

Where did you find your first employee?

Have you promoted an intern to employee status, and if so how many times have you done it?
Yes, twice.

Where have you turned to find capital to grow your company and which institutions have provided it?
Ask Blanks! is self-funded and has received capital from private investors, such as friends, family and associates.

What are some of the advantages to doing business here?
Detroit may have a tough exterior, but we have a warm interior. I say that so I can say, customer loyalty. Once you've earned a Detroiter's loyalty you may have a customer for life.

If you could change one thing about this region, what would it be?
We need to improve education quality in the inner city of Detroit.

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