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Rebuild Nation

Detroit, MI

Josh Gershonowicz

Josh Gershonowicz started his marketing agency in Royal Oak but he knew from the get go that he wanted to move it somewhere else.

Gershonowicz launched Rebuild Nation when he landed his first large client, Bright Side Dental. Before that he had worked in advertising managing some side projects, but the dental practice with nine locations across Metro Detroit presented the opportunity for Gershonowicz to do his own thing.

Soon after he moved his new company into Bright Side Dental's offices and got started. However, he knew his time in Royal Oak was limited.

"Even though we were founded in Royal Oak and we were working in Royal Oak we knew we wanted to be in the city of Detroit," Gershonowicz says. "It was just a matter of time."

Rebuild Nation's first offices were separate from the dental practices with its own door and own walls. However, it was in the middle of suburbia with its single-story, single-use buildings surrounded by a sea of asphalt parking lots. It’s not the creative atmosphere Gershonowicz was looking for to grow his new company. For that he wanted the urban atmosphere of Detroit’s greater downtown area.

"There is a certain energy you feel," Gershonowicz says. "We knew we had to be here to make that happen."

Rebuild Nation and its 10 employees moved to the Boulevard West building on West Grand Boulevard, across the street from the Fisher Building. The office building is adjacent to New Center Park just north of Midtown. That move took place two months ago and quickly showed results.

"Everybody immediately felt the impact," Gershonowicz says. "It was amazing to see everybody’s energy level go up. We felt like we earned it."

He adds that the Rebuild Nation staff feels empowered in its current location. So much so that they are more confident in their work, more productive, more positive, and happy excited to bring clients through their new home.

"It was a great move for us," Gershonowicz says.

- Written by Jon Zemke

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