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Hans Steiner knows the secret to growing multiple revenue streams

Streams of revenue can often be summed up with one cliche when it comes to growing a business: the more the merrier.

That's been the case with Caelynx. The Ann Arbor-based firm got its start with engineering work, and then taking on some consulting work. The company grew steadily from that diet of organic growth over its initial years, notching solid gains in revenue.

That diet began to change a couple years ago when Caelynx started selling software on the side. That new revenue stream is now a quick current.

"Close to half of our revenue now is from software," says Hans Steiner, director of business development for Caelynx. "When the company started 10 years ago we didn’t sell software."

Caelynx is a reseller of software made by Dassault Systems, a French firm that makes 3-D design software. The software helps people make complex things, like vehicles. Caelynx started out selling to small-and-medium sized firms. Often they were already leveraging Caelynx for its core engineering and consulting services and in need of software solutions.

"We were already an expert user of the software," Steiner says. "We have been using it for consulting work. It was perfect fit for us to start selling it."

Caelynx has become so successful selling Deassault Systems software that it is now getting a number of fresh customer leads from the company, providing a growing deal flow. Caelynx isn't looking at moving just to sales of the software, but it is definitely looking at ways to expand it. For instance, Caelynx is also getting into tech hardware sales to compliment its product line.

"Many of our customers don’t have the infrastructure to handle that computation," Steiner says.

A lot of this opportunity has come about organically for Caelynx over recent years. That means existing customers or affiliates have come to Caelynx looking for the software or hardware because of its existing relationship with Caelynx or a word-of-mouth referral. Those sorts of recommendation are also leading Caelynx to consider more ways to make money from its existing customer base, such as providing staffing services.

"It's been very customer driven," Steiner says. "We haven't gone out and speculatively come up with this. It's natural. It’s totally within out realm of expertise."

- Written by Jon Zemke

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