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Founders : Entrepreneurship

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Brandon Chesnutt

Brandon Chesnutt is the local organizer for Startup Weekend Detroit, and global facilitator for Startup Weekend.

Questions with Brandon Chesnutt

Diane Durance

Diane Durance is the executive director of Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest, an entrepreneur-advocacy organization based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Diane Durance

Rodrigo Padilla

Rodrigo Padilla is a visionary business owner that has reached his goal: founding one of the best authentic Mexican food restaurants in Southeast Michigan, El Nacimiento.

Questions with Rodrigo Padilla

Daniel Milstein

A motivated, successful and savvy businessman, the 35-year-old CEO of the Ann Arbor-based Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group decided to pass on the secrets of his success to others in the sales business with a new book, The ABC of Sales, Lessons From A Superstar.

Questions with Daniel Milstein

Hapreet Singh

Hapreet Singh is owner of Automotive Quality & Logistics Inc., an automotive and manufacturing supplier.

Questions with Hapreet Singh

Rashad Saleh, DC

Dr. Saleh opened his Vernor Chiropractic Clinic in Southwest Detroit in 2005 because it is where he felt at home. Born in Detroit, and raised in Panama and Colombia for, he came back to Michigan wanted to stay.

Questions with Rashad Saleh, DC

Jordi Carbonell & Mellissa Fernandez

Café con Leche was founded on the basis that strong communities need a central gathering space. Jordi Carbonell, originally from Barcelona, Spain, and wife Melissa Fernandez, a second generation resident of Southwest Detroit,had the vision that this community could benefit from a café that recognized and reflected the diversity of the neighborhood.

Questions with Jordi Carbonell & Mellissa Fernandez

Café con Leche

Silverio López

Silverio López is owner of López Tire, a full service tire center serving the Southwest Detroit community, and recently started Tequila Cabresto.

Questions with Silverio López

Lopez Tire

Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez is the owner of Nueva Imagen, a cozy beauty salon and spa located in the heart of Mexicantown.

Questions with Maria Martinez

Alberto Pimentel

Alberto Pimentel is a Mexican entrepreneur, and is owner of Casa Real Mexican restaurants in Michigan. 

Questions with Alberto Pimentel

Josh Charlip

Cupcakes and popcorn are so “last year,” according to Josh Charlip, longtime owner of the Bagel Factory in Southfield. The newest trend? Custom ice cream sandwiches. Charlip launched Eskimo Jacks this summer to serve up the tasty treats inside the Bagel Factory and at events throughout Metro Detroit.

Questions with Josh Charlip

Eskimo Jacks

Carlton Peeples

Carlton Peoples, owner of Carlton Signature Publishing & PR, LLC, decided to go into the business of public relations after leaving a newspaper job as an editor, and believes Detroit has more potential than what it’s been given credit for.

Questions with Carlton Peeples

Bradley Foltyn

Bradley Foltyn is co-owner with his father, Paul, of The Fabric Warehouse, and is the third generation to work in the family’s wholesale textile business selling yards of gingham, damask and other fabrics to designers and retailers.

Questions with Bradley Foltyn

Marcy Forta

Marcy Forta, owner of The Room Downstairs, caters to a relatively small market of Orthodox Jewish women.

Questions with Marcy Forta

Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin

Ann Arbor natives Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin own the Ann Arbor Tea Room.

Questions with Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin

Arbor Tea Co.

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