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Noam Kimelman

Noam Kimelman is the co-founder & CEO of Fresh Corner Cafe, a startup that works to make fresh, healthy food available in Detroit corner stores.

Questions with Noam Kimelman

Marianne Burrows

Marianne Burrows is the co-founder of Urban Fable Studios, an artist enclave in Hamtramck.

Questions with Marianne Burrows

Brian Ambrozy

Brian Ambrozy is the co-owner of Icrontic, an online magazine based in Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood.

Questions with Brian Ambrozy


Veronika Scott

Veronika Scott is the founder of The Empowerment Plan, a clothing start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Veronika Scott

Phil Jones

Phil Jones is the general manager of Colors Restaurant, a workforce training eatery in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Phil Jones

Jerry Paffendorf

Jerry Paffendorf is the founder of LOVELAND Technologies, a software start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Jerry Paffendorf

Omar Hernandez

Omar Hernandez is a recognized entrepreneur, founder of Mexicantown Bakery.  The bakery is located in the restored 1894 Odd Fellows Hall, just across from Clark Park.  Omar comes from a family of successful business owners, the Hernandez family, owners of Armando's restaurant, also located in the heart of Mexicantown in Detroit.

Questions with Omar Hernandez

Rufus Bartell

Rufus Bartell is the founder & CEO of R.B.I Group, a marketing firm based in Detroit's University District. He also owns Simply Casual clothing store.

Questions with Rufus Bartell

R.B.I. Group

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