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Founders : Hispanic Community

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Building a community-based company, Hacienda Mexican Foods in southwest Detroit

"I ran the business with my heart, but my costs continued to go up," Gutierrez says. "I closed my eyes and prayed for help. When I opened them up I saw things differently. I am an administrator who needs to run a business."

Questions with Building a community-based company, Hacienda Mexican Foods in southwest Detroit

Pedro Guillen

Pedro Guillen is the CEO of Detroit Materials, a startup that is commercializing an allow that would create a stronger and lighter steel.

Questions with Pedro Guillen

Andrew Ramirez

Andrew Ramirez is the CEO & founder My Repair Facts, an Internet start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Andrew Ramirez

My Repair Facts

Lydia Gutierrez

Lydia Gutierrez is the CEO of Hacienda Mexican Foods, a food company based in Detroit's Mexicantown neighborhood.

Questions with Lydia Gutierrez

David Segura

David Segura is the founder of VisionIT, an IT firm based in Detroit's New Center neighborhood.

Questions with David Segura


Rodrigo Padilla

Rodrigo Padilla is a visionary business owner that has reached his goal: founding one of the best authentic Mexican food restaurants in Southeast Michigan, El Nacimiento.

Questions with Rodrigo Padilla

Rashad Saleh, DC

Dr. Saleh opened his Vernor Chiropractic Clinic in Southwest Detroit in 2005 because it is where he felt at home. Born in Detroit, and raised in Panama and Colombia for, he came back to Michigan wanted to stay.

Questions with Rashad Saleh, DC

Jordi Carbonell & Mellissa Fernandez

Café con Leche was founded on the basis that strong communities need a central gathering space. Jordi Carbonell, originally from Barcelona, Spain, and wife Melissa Fernandez, a second generation resident of Southwest Detroit,had the vision that this community could benefit from a café that recognized and reflected the diversity of the neighborhood.

Questions with Jordi Carbonell & Mellissa Fernandez

Café con Leche

Silverio López

Silverio López is owner of López Tire, a full service tire center serving the Southwest Detroit community, and recently started Tequila Cabresto.

Questions with Silverio López

Lopez Tire

Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez is the owner of Nueva Imagen, a cozy beauty salon and spa located in the heart of Mexicantown.

Questions with Maria Martinez

Alberto Pimentel

Alberto Pimentel is a Mexican entrepreneur, and is owner of Casa Real Mexican restaurants in Michigan. 

Questions with Alberto Pimentel

Lander Coronado-Garcia

Lander Coronado-Garcia is the co-founder of Rippld, an Internet start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Lander Coronado-Garcia


Eddie Saleh

A friendly atmosphere and a professional staff service are some of the reasons Buenavida Pharmacy is recognized by the Detroit community, and founder Eddie Saleh is still happy with his choice to open his business in the heart of Mexicantown.

Questions with Eddie Saleh

Susi Cruz

Susi Cruz, founder of Cruz Creative Studio, is an award winning graphic designer.  Cruz comes from a recognized family of entrepreneurs and business owners, and is a distinguished member of the Detroit Hispanic community.

With over 25 years of experience in marketing and design, Cruz Creative Studio is a full service freelance design studio that has been helping companies develop brand identities, increase traffic to websites, and sell products.  With a focus on creating communication materials for products and services, Cruz creates marketing plans in both Spanish and English.

Questions with Susi Cruz

Omar Hernandez

Omar Hernandez is a recognized entrepreneur, founder of Mexicantown Bakery.  The bakery is located in the restored 1894 Odd Fellows Hall, just across from Clark Park.  Omar comes from a family of successful business owners, the Hernandez family, owners of Armando's restaurant, also located in the heart of Mexicantown in Detroit.

Questions with Omar Hernandez

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