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Detroit, MI

Brian Bosche

Brian Bosche has a lot of entrepreneurial options in life. The 20-something came to Detroit two years ago as a Venture for America fellow. He worked at Bizdom, the tech startup accelerator in downtown Detroit. He is largely debt free and has the freedom to take risks.

So when the young man decided to launch his own company this year he decided to launch TernPro, a full-service video production company.

That's slightly off the beaten path for an aspiring entrepreneur in the tech startup world, but it made all the sense in the world for Bosche.

"It's a rapidly expanding industry," Bosche says. "You will see videos dominate in 1-2 years, especially in mobile."

TernPro helps companies make short online videos that simple explain the product or services they are offering. It's a process that is much more complicated than it sounds and it's almost every company at Bizdom struggled with.

"It's always been a problem for companies to tell their stories to customers," Bosche says.

Those videos are usually a few minutes long. Some include animation. Some product demonstration. Some with just the founders speaking. There are a lot of options which means the creators can get lost in the options and overcomplicate it. TernPro helps navigate them through that process to create a professional video, and those sorts of services are in demand.

"Every company is trying to use video now," Bosche says. "The easiest way to communicate these days is in video." He adds, "I see a lot of things that used to be written are now going to video."

TernPro is helping Castle, a landlord software startup launched by a few Venture for America fellows in Detroit, is currently commissioning TernPro’s services to create a three-minute video to describe its product.

"A three-minute video will give them everything they need," Bosche says.

TernPro is not just about custom services. Bosche and his team are in the midst of creating a video production platform so everyday people can make videos and track the public's interaction with them. That's the technology platform Bosche plans to scale and sell to a broad audience.

First he needs a video to demonstrate how easy it is to use.

- Written by Jon Zemke

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