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The Fabric Warehouse

1993 Tobsal Ct.
Warren, Michigan 48091

Bradley Foltyn

How are you changing the family business?
By bringing it into the digital age.  I’m focused on building online sales. The store has begun shipping internationally to customers in the United Kingdom, Greece and Australia.

Of course, the textile industry isn’t the same as when Grandpa Andrew opened his wholesale textile business. You have to adjust and hope you’re moving in the right direction.

When did you realize that you needed to make some adjustments?
When the housing bubble burst. During the housing boom, it seemed that everyone was an interior designer. But those designers lost their clients when the bubble popped — nobody was buying new homes anymore. As our wholesale business began to shrink, we knew we would need to move in a new direction to keep the company alive. After nearly a half-century, we made the difficult decision to close the wholesale operation and open a new concern with in the retail arena.

How did you make the transition?
Adapting to a new business model and a changing economy with a more cost-conscious public was nerve-racking, but borne of necessity. We had no other options. Those who can’t afford to buy new homes are choosing to decorate and update their current homes. Here they can find luxury fabrics that anyone can afford — to reupholster a couch or make draperies for example. The Fabric Warehouse features upholstery that normally sells for $60-$150 per yard at prices ranging from $3.99 to $9.99 per yard.

Will a fourth generation of Foltyns put her mark on the family business?
Too early to know. My wife Jamie and I have a 1-year-old daughter, Sophie. At this point, she’s too young to know the family legacy she stands to inherit.

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