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Anthony Montalbano

Go to a networking event today and chances are you will see high-tech professionals trading small slips of paper as the main method of exchanging contact information.

The fact that physical business cards remain ubiquitous in the 21st Century is one of the more puzzling things of the new economy. Startup after startup tries to replace business cards with digital technology. None have gained traction in the market. But one new downtown Detroit-based startup thinks it has the answer: Spincard.

Spincard is a mobile app that gives each user a six-character code, or spin, that users give out at networking events. Users enter the codes of new contacts into the Spincard app, which immediately shows a picture of the user, their contact info and links to their social media outlets. Users can then sort through contacts by flipping through head shots of users. Watch a video on it here.

"We just try to simplify what is done today," says Anthony Montalbano, co-founder of Spincard.

Montalbano is one of five co-founders pushing Spincard forward at the Grand Circus space in downtown Detroit. They weren't intimidated by the idea that so many others have failed at replacing business cards. They saw a big opportunity in solving a big problem.

"It's not the same experience as a business card but we're trying to make it as close to that in the virtual world," Montalbano says.

They believe Spincard, which launched a few weeks ago, will succeed where past attempts failed because of its simplicity and added benefits. The users don't have to learn how to use any new technology, think QR codes, or go too far outside of their comfort zone. The only new thing users need to learn is to swipe left or right between the pictures of other users. The Spincard team sees itself not as reinventing the wheel, just modernizing it.

"As we looked at more and more solutions they tried to get too fancy," Montalbano says. "It's like it sounds cool in theory."

One of the big advantages Spincard's executive team likes to talk about is the photo feature where users can see a headshot of the new contact with their business information. A constant complaint of business card users was coming home from a networking event and not being able to match the cards to a face they met.

With Spincard they get all of that just by entering in a six-digit code into the app. They can also sort the spincards they have collected in chronological order. "I think asking someone to type six characters is not a huge ask," Montalbano says.

He adds that the concept is easy to explain. He can give the normal two minute elevator pitch with time to spare.

"The fact that we can explain it in less than 60 seconds is awesome," Montalbano says.

- Written by Jon Zemke

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