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Treats by Angelique

Detroit, MI 48201

Angelique Robinson

Treats by Angelique leveraged a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year to buy a laptop for her baked goods business. While she surpassed her goal of raising $2,000, the real payoff came in other, more subtle, ways.

"I really wanted to engage people with Treats by Angelique," Robinson says. "People see crowdfunding as all about the money. It really isn't. It's a lot of work in a short period of time. It created a lot of excitement around my company."

Robinson started the business as a side venture three years ago while working at Detroit Medical Center's Children’s Center. She still has the same day job in Midtown but Treats by Angelique has grown into her second full-time gig. She sent her computer off to college with her son last year and was reliant on borrowed computer time at libraries/friends’ homes and her Andriod smartphone to handle the day-to-day paper chase and promotion for Treats by Angelique.

That sort of hustle got Robinson by for a few months but it wasn't enough to grow a business. That prompted Robinson to launch a crowdfunding campaign at Patronicity, a local startup that focuses on broadcasting Detroit crowdfunding campaigns to a local audience. Robinson ended up raising $2,100, most of which went toward the purchase of an HP Pavilion. The rest went toward baking 500 cake pops, 10 dozen cupcakes, 30 dozen cookies over the summer to reward the patrons of her crowd-funding campaign.

"Not everybody wanted their treats right away," Robinson. "Throughout the summer people would call me and ask if they could have their treats now."

That helped Robinson grow her customer base. The marketing that went toward the crowdfunding campaign also helped her establish her brand with a social media-following and gain credibility as a successful business women. It also helped her cement her status as one of Detroit’s up-and-coming foodpreneurs, participating in TechTown’s Retail Boot Camp and making the Top 10 of contestants at this year’s Hatch Detroit.

"Having a successful crowdfunding campaign shows I can rally people around a product," Robinson says.

And then there is the increased productivity that comes with having a new laptop, which proved to be the cherry on the top of the whole experience.

"It has made me so much more efficient," Robinson says. "I can keep better track of my receipts and keep up with correspondence and orders. It helps with my inventory and maintain my social media presence."

- Written by Jon Zemke

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