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Casa Real Restaurants

21 S. Washington St.
Oxford, Michigan 48871

Alberto Pimentel

Alberto, what was your plan when you decided to open your first Casa Real restaurant in Oxford?
I wanted to create a restaurant that can offer delectable, homemade authentic Mexican cuisine combined with the ultimate in family dinning service.  We have trained our staff to provide a warm and gracious service in order to make the guest feel welcome and at home.

What makes Casa Real different from other Mexican restaurants?
The restaurant features a large dining area with a capacity of 460 guests, so you’ll never have to wait to be seated. It’s comfortable for small and large parties.  We have the cantina area, that is a lounge where you can share with friends while listening to Latin music and enjoying a Margarita at our happy hour.

How many employees has Casa Real today?
Combined with the two restaurants, we currently have around 30-40 employees. About 6-8 have been working with us for several years and have been promoted.

Where have you turned to find capital to grow your company and which institutions have provided it?
I had never turned for capital to grow. I’ve worked hard for several years and started my business with all my savings.

What is the impact that your business has made in your community?
I consider that the impact has been great for all. The customers enjoy a unique Mexican meal and the different entertainment options that we offer.  For Casa Real, we truly feel we’re part of the community and are so proud to serve them the best we can.

About Michigan... if you could change one thing about this region, what would it be?
I think that Michigan needs more jobs, also to invest in education. As a business owner I’m planning to keep investing in Michigan because it has been, it is and always will be a strong and solid state.

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