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Koby ACT Academy

42705 Grand River Ave., Ste 201
Novi, Michigan 48375

Yoshihisa Kobayash

Who was your first customer and where did you find them?
The first customer was the respondent to our ad in the newspaper. He was a high school student.
Where did you find your first employee?
The first employee that we hired was a Ph. D. student at the University of  Michigan.

Where have you turned to find capital to grow your company and which institutions have provided it?
We could not get institutional support from banks or any other institutions at first. So we turned to our friends and relatives for financial support.

What are some of the advantages to doing business here?
There are many advantages of doing business here in Michigan. To name a few,  the Michigan market is huge, open and easy to make an access to even for foreign products and services.  Highly qualified people  as well as advanced technologies are easy to find locally in Michigan.

If you could change one thing about this region, what would it be?
One thing I would like to change about this region is that early graduation policy for high school students should be unified because some school district allows to graduate early  but others don’t.

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