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Lopez Tire

6677 West Vernor Highway
Detroit, Michigan 48209

Silverio López

How did you come to the idea to open López Tire center?
In 1990 I was motivated to start my own business. I decided to found my own tire service as I had experience while working in a business like this in Chicago.

How many employees did you have when started and how many do you have today?
I started with just one employee .We currently have eight employees. Two of them have been promoted to managers.

Where have you turned to find capital to grow your company and which institutions have provided it?
So far, I never had the need to request a loan.

What are your plans for López Tire in the coming years?
I would like to grow my business as much as I can, according to the economy progress.

What can you tell us about your new business, Tequila Cabresto
I started my own production of Tequila Cabresto because I had in Mexico my own agave lands.  At the time I was living there, nobody wanted to buy my property. After some years I came with the idea of producing tequila and have enjoyed it very much. In these years producing tequila, we have reached a great place in the market.  Tequila Cabresto has been recognized with the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011 with the double gold prize”.

 What are your immediate plans for Cabresto?
This recent prize had placed my business into a huge visibility, so my plans are to keep promoting, looking to expand the distribution in the entire nation.

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