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Mexicantown Bakery

4330 West Vernor Highway
Detroit, Michigan 48209

Omar Hernandez

How did you decide to open a genuine Mexican bakery?
I first purchased the building and restored it! At the time I wanted to do something that would improve the area and complement Armando's restaurant. I did the bakery because it was something that I enjoyed and knew a lot about. I had worked with my father's bakery as a youth and learned a lot.
Who was your first baker and how did you find him??
Martin Garcia, he was a baker with over 50 years of experience. He taught me everything I needed to know about Mexican breads. My skills at the time were European breads, Pastries, and cakes. Which when you look at it, most of the Mexican breads are based on French breads.

How many employees between the factory and the store do you have today?
40 employees

How many of them have been promoted?
Most of them start out cleaning, stock or packaging and move up from there as managers, bakers.

Where did you go to find investment capital?
The first companies that helped me in financing my project was Comerica Bank, along with a loan guaranteed from SDBA (Southwest Detroit Business Association) they help me in the restoration project of the building.

What impact has your company made in the community?
I think that when I restored the building with the help from SDBA, at the time there was not much investments into buildings in SW Detroit. The ones we did, it was like a spark that set off more investments and improvements for the retail sector of Mexicantown. The success that I had there, inspired more development and SDBA helped many businesses get funding and matching grants. 

About Michigan... if you could change one thing about this region, what would it be?
I think we need to be more an immigrant friendly state. This country was built by hard working immigrants looking for a better life.

What are your plans to grow as a business and your goals in the coming years?
My plans are to continue in the specialty baking business and to grow the wholesale part of it. Frozen Breads- par-baked breads and fresh Mexican Breads sold to supermarkets in the Midwest and into Canada. Also look for another location to expand Armando's Restaurant.

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