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Nicolas Pommereau and Nevrus Muftari

Social media is almost synonymous with instant gratification, allowing people to post, like and share their thoughts in the moment. One local company is adding a little nostalgia to the mix, bringing back a loved way to share experiences – through polaroid photos printed at the time of your tweet.

Nicolas Pommereau and Nevrus Muftari had both worked together at the company Mango Languages, a technology company providing online language learning. When they were both laid off they decided to give their own business idea a shot.

"I felt like I really needed to try something entrepreneurial before just settling for another nine to five job," Muftari says, who brought Pommereau into the company last October. They officially launched PixelPrint at TEDx Detroit last October.

PixelPrint works like this: you take a photo and use a hashtag to share it online through Instagram or Twitter. The company prints out that photo providing a four-by-six-inch photograph at their printing station. The company is great for brands celebrating new product launches or shows, ultimate celebrations like weddings, and all types of events. PixelPrint also provides branded prints, allowing businesses to share their logo or message with the photo, too.

So far, they’ve been successful helping create a more fun and engaging experience at local events. The company has worked the Detroit Institute of Arts, Uber, Model D, and more.

Muftari says that with the rise of more visual, social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, there’s a lot more room for their service.

"Millions of photos are being taken, hashtagged, and uploaded every day," Muftari says. He describes the photos as a great new way to reward someone with a tangible memento from an event.

Muftari’s professional background is in marketing and account management. He was born and raised in Michigan. Pommereau has a background in telecommunications. Born and raised in Paris, Pommereau moved to Michigan in 2002 to study at Michigan State University where he met his future wife. Their company PixelPrint is headquartered in Downtown Detroit at the co-working space Bamboo Detroit. They chose Detroit because of the positive energy and momentum they see happening.

"I have never seen a business community whose members were so eager to help each other and their city," Pommereau says. "Everyone feels a responsibility to make Detroit greater. I feel like anything is possible because I am surrounded with talented people sharing a common purpose."

The two hope to see PixlePrint expand, continuing to support local companies and events in Metro Detroit. They would also like to see PixelPrint used at more weddings. Currently, they are in the process of working on a way to provide hashtag analytics for the brands that use PixelPrint.

What are you waiting for? Your next event could have a cool takeaway, more permanent than a tweet.

- Written by Amanda Lewan

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