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Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway had always been the friend that others turned to for consulting, and this eventually turned into her own business.

As a life coach, Lara is able to support other women and make a living running her own business from home where she can raise her three kids. When she first started coaching in 2005, it wasn’t easy. Lara had to balance her own time, business, and family obligations.

She started to search for professional guidance in this area but found very little resources.

"I got into coaching mom entrepreneurs because I was, and still am, one," Galloway says. "I couldn't find the coaching and leadership for someone to help mentor me through this process."

Galloway's coaching business shifted in 2012 to serve a niche audience: mom entrepreneurs. She founded MomBiz with her partner to expand coaching and consulting services. Working from home in West Bloomfield, she’s able to spend her day helping women all over the world through phone calls and online coaching. Her business offers business coaching to their clients.

"I felt like throwing in the towel a few times. Your resources are limited because you can’t find as much time to work," Galloway says. "If you’re going to be a mom and small business owner, it seemed like those couldn’t exist."

MomBiz helps mom entrepreneurs find their own sense of balance professionally and personally. Lara first realized this was her niche though social media. Here she started expressing her frustrating and found many other women felt the same way. Through Twitter she built up a following and some of her first customers for MomBiz. Now Galloway has more than 24,000 followers on twitter, and she hosts a weekly tweet chat called Mom Biz Mondays that is frequently sponsored by big name brands, including UPS. The tweet chats aim to help other mom entrepreneurs connect and learn online during a set time and day.

Galloway is hoping to continue to grow her mom business coaching and consulting services, and is also planning a few events for Michigan moms this upcoming year. She's recently started back up a local monthly meet-up called Founder Moms of Metro Detroit. She's looking forward to a few special conferences and retreats this year for mom entrepreneurs. The events bringing together mom entrepreneurs for a day of business coaching and pampering. Galloway describes it as a great getaway for any mom who needs to focus and strategically review their business.

Today she had just gotten off of a phone all with another mom entrepreneur, one who had made the decision to sell her business to focus on raising an adopted child full-time. While on the phone Lara balanced baking, working, and also celebrating this life moment with another mom entrepreneur.

"I feel so grateful that I get to do what I do with incredible women and get to be a part of my kids’ lives," Galloway says.

Galloway gets to help other mothers through tough decisions, in life and business, and offer the resource she was looking as a mom entrepreneur.

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