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Jesse Vollmar

Jesse Vollmar is the co-founder & CEO of FarmLogs, an Ann Arbor-based startup that is developing software to more effectively manage agricultural business.

Questions with Jesse Vollmar


Glenn Oliver

Glenn Oliver is the CEO of H2bid, a Detroit-based startup that helps municipalities bid out water, sewer and infrastructure projects online.

Questions with Glenn Oliver


Jeff Wenzel

Jeff Wenzel is one of the co-founder of Groovebox Studious, a Detroit-based startup that helps bands produce new music and videos through crowdfunding campaigns.

Questions with Jeff Wenzel

Andrew Landau

Andrew Landau is the co-founder of Chalkfly, a Detroit-based startup that specializes in online sales of school supplies.

Questions with Andrew Landau


Tawnya Clark

Tawnya Clark is the founder of the Batata Shop, a Detroit-based catering business that specializes in sweet potato waffles.

Questions with Tawnya Clark

The Batata Shop

Rene & Matt Greff

Rene & Matt Greff are the founders of Arbor Brewing Co. The Ann Arbor-based microbrewery has locations in Ypsilanti (Corner Brewery) and India.

Questions with Rene & Matt Greff

Erick Bzovi

Erick Bzovi is the co-founder & CEO of HealPay, a mobile app company based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Erick Bzovi


Sonali Vijayavargiya

Sonali Vijayavargiya is the founder and managing director of Augment Ventures, a early stage venture capital firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Sonali Vijayavargiya

James Koziarz

James Koziarz is the president & CEO of Rubicon Genomics, a genetic testing startup based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with James Koziarz

Sharon McRill

Sharon McRill is the founder of Betty Brigade, a concierge service based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Sharon McRill

Omer Kiyani

Omer Kiyani is the founder of Sentinl, a Detroit-based startup that is developing the next generation of gun-safety technology.

Questions with Omer Kiyani


Brandon Colvin

Brandon Colvin is the founder of CANVASxDetroit, an organization that works with aspiring artists in the Motor City.

Questions with Brandon Colvin

Hajj Flemings

Hajj Flemings is the founder of Brand Camp, a series of conferences and events that helps people strengthen the brands of their businesses.

Questions with Hajj Flemings

Lara Galloway

Lara Galloway is the founder of MomBiz, a consulting business that helps moms become better entrepreneurs. it is based in West Bloomfield.

Questions with Lara Galloway

Sam White

Sam White is the founder of Shakespeare in Detroit, a non-profit that is brings Shakespeare performances to the Motor City.

Questions with Sam White

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