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Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz is the co-founder of UpTo, a social media start-up based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Greg Schwartz


Moses Lee

Moses Lee is the co-founder of TruApp, a social media start-up based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Moses Lee


Heather Harrington

Heather Harrington is the co-founder of Harrington Communications, a public relations agency based in Grosse Pointe.

Questions with Heather Harrington

Brian Ambrozy

Brian Ambrozy is the co-owner of Icrontic, an online magazine based in Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood.

Questions with Brian Ambrozy


Erin Lewis

Erin Lewis is the co-founder of Fashion Forward Maternity, an online start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Erin Lewis

Barry & Meredith Fleischer

Barry and Meredith Fleischer are the father-daughter team behind Plutonium Paint, a company based in Southfield.

Questions with Barry & Meredith Fleischer

Plutonium Paint

Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards is the co-founder of Edwards Marketing Solutions, a start-up based in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

Questions with Tim Edwards

Stewart Beal

Stewart Beal is the founder of Beal Group, a construction firm based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Stewart Beal

Beal Group

Brandon Chesnutt

Brandon Chesnutt is the local organizer for Startup Weekend Detroit, and global facilitator for Startup Weekend.

Questions with Brandon Chesnutt

David Showalter

David Schowalter is the founder of Collegiate Bead Co, a startup based in Clawson.

Questions with David Showalter

Ari Doglin

Ari Doglin is the chief marketing officer of Gamer Saloon, a online gaming startup based in downtown Royal Oak.

Questions with Ari Doglin

Adrienne Lenhoff

Adrienne Lenhoff is the president of Shazaaam PR & Marketing, a public relations firm based in Novi.

Questions with Adrienne Lenhoff

Karyn McCray

Karyn McCray is the founder of CoolPlacestoLive.com, an Internet startup based in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

Questions with Karyn McCray

Michael Mikhjian

Michael Mikhjian is the developer and co-founder of My eStore App, an Internet firm based in Troy.

Questions with Michael Mikhjian

My eStore App

Harvey Ovshinsky

Harvey Ovshinsky is the founder of HKO Media, a screen writing company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Harvey Ovshinsky

HKO Media

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