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Andrew & Ryan Landau

Andrew and Ryan Landau are the co-founders of PowerVoice, a social media startup based in downtown Birmingham.

Questions with Andrew & Ryan Landau


Bobby Staszak

Bobby Staszak is the director of business development for GroupGolfer, an Internet startup based in Mt. Clemens.

Questions with Bobby Staszak


Adrienne Lenhoff

Adrienne Lenhoff is the president of Shazaaam PR & Marketing, a public relations firm based in Novi.

Questions with Adrienne Lenhoff

Karyn McCray

Karyn McCray is the founder of CoolPlacestoLive.com, an Internet startup based in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

Questions with Karyn McCray

Matt Wise

Matt Wise is the CEO of ePrize, an Internet marketing firm based in Pleasant Ridge.

Questions with Matt Wise


Richard Beedon

Richard Beedon is the founder of Amplifinity, a software startup based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Richard Beedon


Michael Mikhjian

Michael Mikhjian is the developer and co-founder of My eStore App, an Internet firm based in Troy.

Questions with Michael Mikhjian

My eStore App

Cara Rosaen

Cara Rosaen is the co-founder of Real Time Farms, an Ann Arbor-based startup that specializes in food chain transparency.

Questions with Cara Rosaen

Real Time Farms

Terri McQueen

Terri McQueen is the founder of Ya Digg Records, a vinyl record start-up based in Dearborn.

Questions with Terri McQueen

Ya Digg Records

Diane Durance

Diane Durance is the executive director of Great Lakes Entrepreneur's Quest, an entrepreneur-advocacy organization based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Diane Durance

James Feagin

James Feagin is the co-founder of Imagine Detroit Together, an art project based in Detroit.

Questions with James Feagin

Harvey Ovshinsky

Harvey Ovshinsky is the founder of HKO Media, a screen writing company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Harvey Ovshinsky

HKO Media

David Merritt

David Merritt is the founder of IMU, a fashion company based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with David Merritt

I Miss You

John Gongos

John Gongos is the CEO of Gongos Research, a market research firm based in Auburn Hills.

Questions with John Gongos

Gongos Research

Mike Plesz

Mike Plesz is the owner of Rochester Mills Beer Company microbrewery and one of the first craft brewers in Michigan.

Questions with Mike Plesz

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