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Founders : Detroit

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Michael Evans

Michael Evans is the founder of PishPosh, a podcasting startup based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Michael Evans


Noam Kimelman

Noam Kimelman is the co-founder & CEO of Fresh Corner Cafe, a startup that works to make fresh, healthy food available in Detroit corner stores.

Questions with Noam Kimelman

Zak Pashak

Zak Pashak is the founder of Detroit Bikes, a Detroit-based startup that is making a classic American-style bicycle.

Questions with Zak Pashak

Detroit Bikes

Josh Young

Josh Young is one of the co-founders of The Detroit Wallpaper Co and Great Wall Custom Coverings, two custom wallpaper companies based in Ferndale.

Questions with Josh Young

Cyndi Lareau

Cyndi Lareau is founder of CupofZup, an Internet newsletter start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Cyndi Lareau


Nancy Martens

Nancy Martens is the founder of ElderCompass, a software start-up based in Metro Detroit.

Questions with Nancy Martens


Naomi Ruth

Naomi Ruth is the co-founder of the Yoga Shelter in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood.

Questions with Naomi Ruth

Yoga Shelter

Lydia Gutierrez

Lydia Gutierrez is the CEO of Hacienda Mexican Foods, a food company based in Detroit's Mexicantown neighborhood.

Questions with Lydia Gutierrez

Mark Rieth

Mark Rieth is the president of Atwater Brewing, a microbrewery based in Detroit.

Questions with Mark Rieth

Atwater Brewery

Sebastian Jackson

Sebastian Jackson is the founder of The Social Club Grooming Company, a barbershop/salon working to break down racial barriers in Detroit.

Questions with Sebastian Jackson

Brian Ambrozy

Brian Ambrozy is the co-owner of Icrontic, an online magazine based in Detroit's Woodbridge neighborhood.

Questions with Brian Ambrozy


Brandon Chesnutt

Brandon Chesnutt is the local organizer for Startup Weekend Detroit, and global facilitator for Startup Weekend.

Questions with Brandon Chesnutt

Rachel Lutz

Rachel Lutz is the owner of The Peacock Room, a fashion boutique based in Detroit's Midtown neighborhood.

Questions with Rachel Lutz

Karyn McCray

Karyn McCray is the founder of CoolPlacestoLive.com, an Internet startup based in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

Questions with Karyn McCray

Ben Newman

Ben Newman is the co-founder of the Detroit Institute of Bagels, a craft food business based in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

Questions with Ben Newman

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