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Founders : Research / Tech Transfer

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Mark Ostach

Mark Ostach is the founder of mymentalspace, a TechTown-based software firm that focuses on preventing techno-brain burnout.

Questions with Mark Ostach


Elke Lipka

Elke Lipta is the vice president of business development for TSRL, a drug development company that spun out of the University of Michigan.

Questions with Elke Lipka


Lisa Kurek

Lisa Kurek is the managing partner of Ann Arbor-based Biotechnology Business Consultants, a company that makes life science-based firms grow.

Questions with Lisa Kurek

Michelle Crumm

Michelle Crumm is the chief business officer of Adaptive Materials, an Ann Arbor-based company she co-founded with her husband Aaron Crumm.

Questions with Michelle Crumm

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