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Founders : Alternative Energy

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Jennifer Baird

Jennifer Baird is the CEO of Accio Energy, a startup that is reinventing the wind turbine in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Jennifer Baird

Accio Energy

Milton Roye

Milton Roye is the president of ENRG Power Systems, a Bloomfield Hills-based business creating fuel-efficient technology for automotive engines.

Questions with Milton Roye

Richard Marks

Richard Marks is the founder of EnVironmental Transportation Solutions, a Grosse Pointe-based startup that is developing an electric car.

Questions with Richard Marks

Don Naab

Don Naab is the president of Danotek Motion Technologies, a company that focuses on making wind turbine components in Canton.

Questions with Don Naab

Michelle Crumm

Michelle Crumm is the chief business officer of Adaptive Materials, an Ann Arbor-based company she co-founded with her husband Aaron Crumm.

Questions with Michelle Crumm

John Harding and Erik Kauppi

Erik Kauppi and John Harding are making transportation more sustainable with their start-up, Current Motor Company

Questions with John Harding and Erik Kauppi

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