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David Friedman

Friedman Integrated Real Estate Solutions is one of the Midwest's largest locally owned and operated commercial real estate organizations. Friedman represents banks, special services, institutions, property owners, national and regional retailers, and commercial tenants in every size range. 

Questions with David Friedman

Tatiana Grant

Tatiana Grant, CEO and founder of Infused PR & Events is one of the young entrepreneurs in metro Detroit to watch. A self-starter her business extends beyond the confines of Detroit.  

Questions with Tatiana Grant

Patrick Peteet

Peteet's Famous Cheesecake produces gourmet cheesecakes, each made entirely from scratch, by hand, and from the very freshest, all natural, premium ingredients. The result is rich and creamy, flavorful, irresistible signature two layer cheesecakes.
Patrick Peteet is one of the co-owners of Peteet's Famous Cheesecakes in Oak Park. In this interview Peteet explains the key to succeeding as an entrepreneur saying believing in oneself is key. 

Questions with Patrick Peteet

Luke Song

Luke Song is a designer and owner of Mr. Song Millinery, a designer of women's hats and headwear.

Questions with Luke Song

John Carter

John Carter is the founder and principal of Carter & Affiliates, a law firm that specializes in entrepreneurial legal services.

Questions with John Carter

Andy Didorosi

Andy Didorosi is the founder of Paper Street Motors, a small business incubator in Ferndale.

Questions with Andy Didorosi

Steve Chapman

Steve Chapman is the co-founder of Fanaroo, a Beverly Hills-based startup that can put your face into any sporting venue in the U.S.

Questions with Steve Chapman


Patti Judson

Patti Judson is a senior vice president at Bank of Ann Arbor, one of the leading banks that offer financing to new economy startups in North America.

Questions with Patti Judson

Charlie Rothstein

Charlie Rothstein is the senior managing director and co-founder of Beringea, Michigan's largest venture capital firm.

Questions with Charlie Rothstein


Lisa Glush

Lisa Glush is the CEO of Macprofessionals, a Novi-based startup that specializes in everything Apple Computer.

Questions with Lisa Glush

Kevin Lasser

Kevin is the CEO of Encryption Security Solutions/Pure Entropy Technologies, founded in 2006.

Questions with Kevin Lasser

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