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Founders : Creative Sector

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Janelle Rogers

Janelle Rogers is the owner of Green Light Go Publicity, a publicity firm based in Ferndale that works with musicians.

Questions with Janelle Rogers

Marlene Stone

Marlene Stone is the co-founder of Intellitrends, a tech firm based in Clarkston.

Questions with Marlene Stone


Doug Willett

Doug Willett is the president of LunaTech Designs, a tech firm based in Plymouth that creates Google Earth-style communities.

Questions with Doug Willett

Sara Gouin

Sara Gouin is the marketing and branding director of RingSide Creative, a creative-content firm based in Oak Park.

Questions with Sara Gouin

Jeanette Pierce

Jeanette Pierce is the co-founder of Inside Detroit, a tourism organization based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Jeanette Pierce

Inside Detroit

Andrea Livingston

Andrea Livingston is the co-founder of Grit Design, a mobile apps company based in Detroit's Elevator Building overlooking the Detroit River.

Questions with Andrea Livingston

Grit Design

Vince Chmielewski

Vince Chmielewski is the founder of VC Web Services, a web-development company based in downtown Ypsilanti.

Questions with Vince Chmielewski

VC Web Services

Christian Unverzagt

Christian Unverzagt is the founder of M1/DTW, a design firm based in Detroit's Elevator Building overlooking the Detroit River.

Questions with Christian Unverzagt


Rufus Bartell

Rufus Bartell is the founder & CEO of R.B.I Group, a marketing firm based in Detroit's University District. He also owns Simply Casual clothing store.

Questions with Rufus Bartell

R.B.I. Group

Brent Yax

Brent Yax is the president & CEO of Awecomm Technologies, a high-tech firm based in Troy.

Questions with Brent Yax

Dan Glisky, Jr.

Dan Glisky, Jr. is the CEO of Digital 10 Media, a media company based in Novi.

Questions with Dan Glisky, Jr.

Lisa Zahodne

Lisa Zahodne is the president of Specs Howard School of Media Arts, a broadcasting and new media school based in Southfield and Farmington Hills.

Questions with Lisa Zahodne

James Marks

James Marks is the founder of VGKids, a creatively inclined boutique firm based in Ypsilanti.

Questions with James Marks


Rajesh Nerlikar

Rajesh Nerlikar is the co-founder & CEO of TerraPerks, an Ann Arbor-based start-up working to make sustainable habits cool.

Questions with Rajesh Nerlikar


Vaughan Taylor

Vaughan Taylor is the CEO & co-founder of Splink Media, an independent recording artist-based website headquartered in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Vaughan Taylor

Splink Media

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