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Founders : Jewish Community

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Daniel Milstein

A motivated, successful and savvy businessman, the 35-year-old CEO of the Ann Arbor-based Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group decided to pass on the secrets of his success to others in the sales business with a new book, The ABC of Sales, Lessons From A Superstar.

Questions with Daniel Milstein

Josh Charlip

Cupcakes and popcorn are so “last year,” according to Josh Charlip, longtime owner of the Bagel Factory in Southfield. The newest trend? Custom ice cream sandwiches. Charlip launched Eskimo Jacks this summer to serve up the tasty treats inside the Bagel Factory and at events throughout Metro Detroit.

Questions with Josh Charlip

Eskimo Jacks

Ben Kazez

Ben Kazez is the founder of Mobiata, a mobile-app start-up based in downtown Ann Arbor.

Questions with Ben Kazez


Paul Glomski

Paul Glomski is the CEO of Detroit Labs, a mobile app firm based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Paul Glomski

Detroit Labs

Bradley Foltyn

Bradley Foltyn is co-owner with his father, Paul, of The Fabric Warehouse, and is the third generation to work in the family’s wholesale textile business selling yards of gingham, damask and other fabrics to designers and retailers.

Questions with Bradley Foltyn

Marcy Forta

Marcy Forta, owner of The Room Downstairs, caters to a relatively small market of Orthodox Jewish women.

Questions with Marcy Forta

Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin

Ann Arbor natives Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin own the Ann Arbor Tea Room.

Questions with Jeremy and Aubrey Lopatin

Arbor Tea Co.

Adam Kaplan

Companies seeking techies call on IT recruiters. Top brass-seekers look to executive headhunters. And now, firms casting their nets for disabled candidates call Big Tent Jobs, LLC, a Southfield-based placement firm for what founder Adam Kaplan dubs “specially abled” employees.

Questions with Adam Kaplan

Big Tent Jobs

David Leider

David Leider is the CEO of Gas Station TV, a venture-backed start-up based in downtown Birmingham.

Questions with David Leider

Gas Station TV

Josh Linkner

Josh Linkner is the CEO of Detroit Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Josh Linkner

Dale Royal

Dale Royal is the CEO of Unitask Software, a software firm based in Bloomfield Hills.

Questions with Dale Royal

Mark Shalinsky

Mark Shalinsky is the founder of Kick Start Sales, a start-up sales firm based in Ann Arbor's Tech Brewery.

Questions with Mark Shalinsky

David Bloom

David Bloom is the vice president of products with Hygieia, a medical device start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with David Bloom


Jerry and Becky Eizen

Eizen, 45, raised in New Orleans but long-since settled in Metro Detroit with husband Jerry and their three boys, endured a frantic three-day search, post-storm, to locate her mother, Yetta. When Eizen and her mom finally connected, Eizen also learned the family home had been destroyed; she cajoled Yetta to move north and live with her and her family.

Questions with Jerry and Becky Eizen

Eran Bashan

Where do great ideas come from? For Eran Bashan, a casual conversation over Shabbat dinner four years ago evolved into both a new invention and a company to market it.

Because the Ann Arbor resident is known for his love of riddles and problems, that evening his friend, endocrinologist Israel Hodish, gave him a doozey to solve: Seek out a better way for diabetic patients to self-test their blood sugar and adjust their insulin levels.

Questions with Eran Bashan


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