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Founders : Alternative Energy

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Sunil Agrawal

Sunil Agrawal is the president of NOVA Consultants, an alternative energy engineering firm based in Novi.

Questions with Sunil Agrawal


Mike Elwood

Mike Elwood is the vice president of marketing for Azure Dynamics, a hybrid commercial vehicle manufacturer based in Oak Park.

Questions with Mike Elwood

Azure Dynamics

Justin Palm

Justin Palm is the director of sales & marketing with LumaSmart, a LED light company based in Macomb Township.

Questions with Justin Palm


Adam Carver

Adam Carver is the founder of Impact Everyday, an Ann Arbor-based start-up based around funding renewable energy projects with credit card points.

Questions with Adam Carver

Impact Everyday

Graham Brown

Graham Brown is the co-founder of the SmartEnergy Fund, a sustainability consulting firm based in Ypsilanti's Depot Town.

Questions with Graham Brown

Matt Shumate

Matt Shumate is the CEO of Estrakon, a LED sign maker based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Matt Shumate


Geoff Horst

Geoff Horst is the chief science officer of Algal Scientific, a Plymouth-based company that is spinning out technology from the University of Michigan to clean wastewater and create bio-fuel materials.

Questions with Geoff Horst

Paul Savage

Paul Savage is the CEO of Nextek Power Systems, an alternative energy company based in TechTown.

Questions with Paul Savage

Elizabeth Redmond

Elizabeth Redmond is the founder of POWERleap, an alternative energy start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Elizabeth Redmond


Chris Ramos

Chris Ramos is the owner of The Night Move, a sustainability oriented shuttle service that connects the downtowns of Royal Oak, Ferndale and Detroit.

Questions with Chris Ramos

The Night Move

Md. Shahnoor Amin

Md. Shahnoor Amin is the co-founder of June Energy, an Ann Arbor-based start-up that is developing a portable solar panel that charges cell phones.

Questions with Md. Shahnoor Amin

June Energy

Jeremy Eckhous

Jeremy Eckhous is the school director with the New Century Career Center, a low-profit venture focused on retraining Metro Detroit's workforce for green jobs.

Questions with Jeremy Eckhous

Tom Carmichael

Tom Carmichael is the CEO of Eco Products, a Royal Oak-based solar firm.

Questions with Tom Carmichael

Eco Products

Garth Schultz

Garth Schultz is the co-founder of Power Panel, a TechTown-based startup that is combining solar panel technology that heats water and generates electricity.

Questions with Garth Schultz

Power Panel

Ingo Schneider

Ingo Schneider is the president & CEO of LED Optical Solutions, a Macomb County-based startup that is creating new energy-efficient LED light technology.

Questions with Ingo Schneider

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