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Godwin Ihentuge

Godwin Ihentuge is the founder & chief villager with YumVillage, a downtown Detrouit-based startup that helps make it easier to launch pop-up restaurants.

Questions with Godwin Ihentuge


Nailah Ellis-Brown turns family tradition into fast-growing business

Nailah Ellis-Brown isn't the first member of her family to start a business. In fact her Detroit-based, slow-food startup, Ellis Island Tea, has its roots with the first entrepreneurs of her family.

Questions with Nailah Ellis-Brown turns family tradition into fast-growing business

Tatiana Grant

Tatiana Grant is one of the co-founders of Flash Delivery, a food-delivery service based in downtown Detroit.

Questions with Tatiana Grant

Patrick Peteet

Patrick Peteet is the co-founder of Peteet's Famous Cheese Cakes, a family owned cheesecake bakery based in Oak Park.

Questions with Patrick Peteet

Jesse Vollmar

Jesse Vollmar is the co-founder & CEO of FarmLogs, an Ann Arbor-based startup that is developing software to more effectively manage agricultural business.

Questions with Jesse Vollmar


Tawnya Clark

Tawnya Clark is the founder of the Batata Shop, a Detroit-based catering business that specializes in sweet potato waffles.

Questions with Tawnya Clark

The Batata Shop

Rene & Matt Greff

Rene & Matt Greff are the founders of Arbor Brewing Co. The Ann Arbor-based microbrewery has locations in Ypsilanti (Corner Brewery) and India.

Questions with Rene & Matt Greff

Angelique Robinson

Angelique Robinson is the founder of a Treats by Angelique, a small business focused on making delicious baked goods.

Questions with Angelique Robinson

Noam Kimelman

Noam Kimelman is the co-founder & CEO of Fresh Corner Cafe, a startup that works to make fresh, healthy food available in Detroit corner stores.

Questions with Noam Kimelman

Rifino Valentine

Rifino Valentine is the founder of Valentine Distilling Co, a micro-distillery based in downtown Ferndale.

Questions with Rifino Valentine

Tammy Tedesco

Tammy Tedesco is the founder of Edibles Rex, a food production company based in Detroit.

Questions with Tammy Tedesco

Lydia Gutierrez

Lydia Gutierrez is the CEO of Hacienda Mexican Foods, a food company based in Detroit's Mexicantown neighborhood.

Questions with Lydia Gutierrez

Mark Rieth

Mark Rieth is the president of Atwater Brewing, a microbrewery based in Detroit.

Questions with Mark Rieth

Atwater Brewery

Lauren Maloney

Lauren Maloney is the farming genius behind CityFARM, an urban farming start-up based in Ann Arbor.

Questions with Lauren Maloney


Jenile Brooks

Jenile Brooks is the founder of Harvest Express, a food start-up based in Detroit.

Questions with Jenile Brooks

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