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Letter from the editor: Tell us your Startup/Scaleup stories

When Endeavor announced its second U.S. affiliate in Detroit in February 2015, it also released a report on the importance of growing Southeast Michigan’s economy through businesses that scale.
The report, which you can read in full here, identified three trends in the region:
  • We have not recovered from the financial crisis.
  • We have a gap in the growth of high-growth companies.
  • These high-growth companies drive sustainable job growth.
That’s where Southeast Michigan Startup comes in. Last year we focused on profiling high growth "gazelle" companies in our "Year of the Gazelle" series. These gazelle companies are on the cutting edge of innovation in their field, generating revenue—lots of it—and of course creating jobs. This year, our project “Startup/Scaleup” is focusing on what those companies need to scale, how they fit in this region and beyond, and how the region can better support them. 
Southeast Michigan Startup in collaboration with Model D, Metromode, and Concentrate further aims to foster the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our programming will connect high-growth companies that are ready to scale to inspiring programming, regional thought leaders, and to each other. Our #HighGrowthHappyHour series is a key initiative to provide these opportunities to learn and connect for our entrepreneurs. On a broader level, we want to create a greater community understanding of the impact that entrepreneurship has on our economy.
Recently, we profiled venture capitalist Sean Ammirati and his new book on why some startups change the world; and featured Castle, a property management tech company, which spends its time both in Detroit and in Silicon Valley. View the entire series here.
These are the types of stories we want to tell. In order to accomplish our vision with the breadth and depth in scope, we want to hear from you. As Startup’s new editor, I’m energized to tell your story. I’m particularly drawn to women- and minority-owned companies and their lessons and tips, and entrepreneurs’ challenges in general. After all, whether we’re entrepreneurs or investors or not, we can—and should—learn from each other's successes and challenges.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected] if you've got a story to share!

-Esther Gim

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