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Detroit, MI 48216

Wound Menswear


Sarah Lapinski

Sarah Lapinski is the founder of WOUND Menswear, a fashion firm based in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

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Wound Menswear is a clothing company headquartered in the Russell Industrial Center and run by Detroiter Sarah Lapinski. It arose to satisfy the desire for clever, daring, iconoclastic alternatives to current available menswear. Wounds and heartbreaks shape its identity. Aligned with the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi, beauty is found in the imperfect, inpermanent and incomplete. Not to be confused with a lack of quality, but instead a departure point. Each piece receives a treatment to distinguish the garment and it's maker's as humble within nature, at times a small detail known only to the wearer. Wound Menswear offers a wardrobe consisting of streetwear, casual styles, and tailored, formal ensembles. It exists because there are still rules left to be broken.

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