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Ben Kazez

Ben Kazez is the founder of Mobiata, a mobile-app start-up based in downtown Ann Arbor.

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Mobiata was founded in 2008 when founder and President Ben Kazez had an aha! moment while fumbling for various travel documents in the Minneapolis airport. He realized that there should be a mobile app to handle everything he needed while traveling. He set to work and launched FlightTrack for the iPhone in November 2008 and within days it was the best-selling travel app.

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Ben Kazez defines the new economy lifestyle. He's the founder of a successful mobile app start-up, lives near Kerrytown, and walks to his downtown office. With promises that success won't lure him away (Mobiata was acquired by Expedia last fall), Concentrate chatted with Kazez about good food, apps, and launching a start-up. read on…

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Mobiata plans to hire engineers to create apps for the iPhone and Android

Ben Kazez had the right skill set, the right idea, and the right product at the right time, and now has one of Ann Arbor's fastest growing start-ups - Mobiata - to show for it.The former Apple software engineer was an early adapter of the iPhone and all of the applications that came with it. He thought Apple's App Store should have something that helps airline passengers to catch their flights, so he created FlightTrack. That turned out to be a runaway hit, highlighted by Apple as one of its must-haves in its print and TV advertising. "I saw the need for this app and there was nothing like it at the App Store at the time," says Kazez, president and founder of Mobiata. "It was about six months after the App Store was launched."That led to the creation of Mobiata about 18 months ago, with just Kazez writing apps. Today the firm has 12 employees plus an intern. Flight Track now also works on both smart phone versions, along with Blackberry and the Palm Pre. Kazez is looking for software engineers who can write apps for the iPhone and Android.  He hopes to add 5-10 more jobs within the next year."We've got lots and lots to do," Kazes says. "We just need people to help us do it."Source: Ben Kazez, founder and president of MobiataWriter: Jon Zemke read on…

Business Week names Mobiata founder a top young entrepreneur

Ben Kazez might be a young fella in charge of a small business in Ann Arbor, but that start-up (Mobiata) and its founder (Kazez) are gaining more and more respect nationally as leaders in the smart phone app development world.Excerpt:In August 2008, waiting for a flight from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, Ben Kazez got sick of having to constantly check and recheck his boarding pass and gaze at departure screens. The computer programmer created FlightTrack, a mobile app that gives travelers flight-status updates, live maps, and weather news, among other information. Kazez launched his company, Mobiata, in November 2008 and created a fleet of travel apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Palm Pre users. The $5 FlightTrack helps fliers keep up with changing flight information, while the free HotelPal app lets users book rooms at thousands of hotels, including Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt, for which Mobiata receives a commission. Kazez says the 12-employee startup, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., had $1 million in revenue in 2009 and is on track to double the figure this year.Read the rest of the story here. read on…
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