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Mike Burns

Mike Burns is the inventor & CEO of HandeHolder, a tablet computer accessory company based in Ann Arbor.

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Handeholder is an ergonomic and secure solution for your Apple® iPad™/ tablet device holder that allows you to have full 360 degrees rotation. The company is based in Ann Arbor.

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Mike Burns is a born entrepreneur, and at 58, he could easily run rings around guys half his age. Or fly rings around them, as the case may be (he pilots WWII era P-51 Mustangs). More importantly, Burns is an entrepreneur who believes in doing business in Michigan. It's why he sources nearly all the components to his iPad accessory, the HandeHolder, locally.  And it's not just a recession thing. It's part of his overall business philosophy. read on…

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If anyone knows that necessity is the mother of invention it's Mike Burns. An inventor and innovator who has found success matching tech innovation to the world of running, he stumbled across his latest greatest idea: the Handeholder, an iPad accessory that's raking in orders by the thousands. read on…
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