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444 Willis St
Suite 108
Detroit, MI 48201

City Living Detroit


Austin Black

Austin Black is the founder of City Living Detroit, a real-estate agency specializing in Detroit's historic properties and others along the Woodward corridor.

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City Living Detroit is a client-centered, full-service, boutique-style real estate sales and marketing firm that specializes in urban living, including lofts, condos, historic homes and apartments. Its mission is to maximize the knowledge and expertise of its team of real estate professionals to meet the needs of buyers and sellers; landlords and tenants; developers and investors to locate in a metropolitan community. City Living Detroit is helps its clietns easily transition to their desired neighborhood by using a philosophy called P.I.E. We showcase the Passion-points of a community and all it can offer by utilizing the latest Innovations in the real estate industry to Educate customers about the best available options.

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