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Cerenis Therapeutics


William F. Brinkerhoff

William F. Brinkerhoff is COO of Cerenis Therapeutics, an Ann Arbor bio-tech company attracting millions of dollars in venture capital.

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Cerenis Therapeutics is working on creating and commercializing the first synthetic HDL, which is the so-called good cholesterol. The idea is to create a new way to remove plaque from heart tissue. The product could be on the market as soon as 2015.

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Cerenis Therapeutics lands $14M in VC

If there is one thing Cerenis Therapeutics doesn't lack for, it's venture capital. The Ann Arbor-based drug development company just landed $14 million, its second VC investment this year, bringing its total venture capital take to $65.6 million for 2010.Most of that money will go toward Cerenis Therapeutics' latest venture, which is creating and commercializing the first synthetic HDL, the so-called good cholesterol. The idea is to create a new way to remove plaque from heart tissue. The 5-year-old firm just finished its Phase 1 clinical trial and plans to begin a proof-of-concept study early next year."That's enough money for us to complete the proof of concept study and other HDL programs," says Bill Brinkerhoff, COO of Cerenis Therapeutics. Cerenis Therapeutics has 26 employees, half of whom are in Ann Arbor and the rest are in France. It has made two hires in Ann Arbor over the last six months. Its growing staff is made up mostly of ex-Pfizer employees who specialized in HDL programs (drugs) similar to Cerenis Therapeutics' current products. "I think we will continue to grow as we develop the programs," Brinkerhoff says.Source: Bill Brinkerhoff, COO of Cerenis TherapeuticsWriter: Jon ZemkeRead more about Metro Detroit's growing entrepreneurial ecosystem at SEMichiganStartup.com. read on…

Ann Arbor start-ups take $90M in VC funds year-to-date

Venture capital spending is up in Michigan, and Ann Arbor start-ups are proving to be king of the hill. Year-to-date, Michigan-based firms have attracted $123 million in venture capital investment, with Ann Arbor-based companies taking in about $90 million of the total. The biggest investment ($51.75 million) went to Cerenis Therapeutics, a bio-tech firm with twin headquarters in France and Ann Arbor that's composed mostly of ex-Pfizer employees."This is a testament to the quality of companies that Michigan is creating," says LeAnn Auer, executive director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association.The total dollar amount invested is up 35 percent compared to 2009 year-to-date. However, the number of deals is lower, with 12 by August of last year and 10 so far this year. Life science firms took in the biggest chunks, with 57 percent of the total investment dollars last year and 75 percent so far this year. Cleantech firms were the only other ones to capture double-digit shares over each of the last two years. Other firms, including IT, received token amounts.The jump in venture capital investment can be attributed to economic improvements over the last year. A double-digit recession could force a drop in those numbers, Auer says, but barring that she expects to see a steady increase in the near future."Over the last few years we have had a couple of investment firms that have capitalized," she says. "Now they're being active."Source: LeAnn Auer, executive director of the Michigan Venture Capital AssociationWriter: Jon Zemke read on…
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