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Accuri Cytometers

Spun out of the University Of Michigan in 2002, Accuri Cytometers, Inc. is an Ann Arbor-based life sciences company that has developed revolutionary high performance cell analysis systems.

Flow cytometry systems allow medical workers to conduct complex cell analysis after the cells are suspended in fluid and passed through an optical or electronic detection device. Starting this year the company will be introducing to market their easy-to-use C6 Flow Cytometer System at a price point 75% lower than their competitors.

Needless to say, Accuri has drawn a lot of attention with its advances and was the winner of Business Review's 2007 Deal of the Year for technology.

Things look so bright for the start-up that they'll be expanding their Scio Township facility, creating 10 new jobs in the early part of 2008 with another 88 anticipated over the next five years. Currently the company employs 15.

"We are a state-supported start-up company," says CEO Jennifer Baird, "and we've been making decisions of how to manufacture our product. We've decided to do it in the state of Michigan."


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