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Warranty Ninja simplifies warranty registration process with app

People buy things everyday, from expensive pieces of equipment to small odds and ends. Few ever register these purchases. Warranty Ninja thinks it has an answer for that dilemma.

The TechTown-based startup was inspired Edward Carrington's photography hobby. He bought lots camera equipment over the years, both expensive and cheap. Every purchase came with an opportunity to register it.

"I register everything I buy," Carrington says. "I am the type of person who doesn’t like to buy an extended warranty."

The problem is registering everything is a cumbersome operation, requiring filling out paperwork and mailing it in to the manufacturer. It’s a process that hasn't changed in the better part of half a century. Warranty Ninja hopes to change that by digitizing this process with a mobile app. That way, not only are the products registered for their owners, but information on recalls or discounts are automatically sent to the user.

Warranty Ninja will also offer a subscription model for companies to leverage the system. That way the manufacturers can discover more information about their customer since only 10 percent of consumers register their purchases today.

"They are missing out on who is buying their product," says Jerry Rucker, co-founder & CEO of Warranty Ninja.

The 1-year-old startup currently employs a team of four people. It plans to roll out a Beta version of the software later this summer.

Source: Edward Carrington, co-founder & COO of Warranty Ninja; and Jerry Rucker, co-founder & CEO of Warranty Ninja
Writer: Jon Zemke
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