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D:hive's BUILD program helps launch SideBar Black Art Theatre

Darryl C. Davis knows he wants to start a theater company, but he began to understand the challenge involved with undertaking such a venture this year when he started to put together the SideBar Black Art Theatre. To help make that happen he participated in D:hive's BUILD program.

The BUILD program helps teach aspiring entrepreneurs the basics of starting a business or launching a project. The skills include how to put together a business plan or balance an organization's books.

"Putting a company together takes time," says Davis, founder & executive artistic director of SideBar Black Art Theatre. "It's daunting but it's doable. The BUILD program took this behemoth and made it manageable."

SideBar Black Art Theatre will be performing pop-up scenes of a performance on Oct. 23 and Oct. 25. The theater company will focus on performance material that deals with socially aware subjects like race and class. Davis hopes to find a permanent home for SideBar Black Art Theatre by next spring so it can host full performance with full artistic freedom.

"The goal is to have a permanent space," Davis says.

Source: Darryl C. Davis, founder & executive artistic director of SideBar Black Art Theatre
Writer: Jon Zemke
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  • SideBar Black Art Theatre
    Detroit, MI 48226
    SideBar Black Art Theatre is a progressive theater company that focuses on performances that touch on subjects like class and race. It is based in Detroit.

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