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Savorfull's products makes gains into grocery store market

The team behind Savorfull was thinking big last year when it struck a deal with Sherwood Food Distributors.

Detroit-based Sherwood Food Distributors got its start distributing meats, but now distributes a variety of foods for supermarkets. As part its deal with Sherwood Food Distributors, Savorfull will serve as a nutritional matchmaker, consulting with Sherwood to help it decide which healthy foods it should distribute.

"We knew we had to move into bigger industries, like the grocery industry," says Stacy Goldberg, founder & CEO of Savorfull.

The New Center-based startup helps connect businesses with healthy eating options, ranging from locally sourced foods to identifying which foods work best for people with food allergies. Savorfull had been working with a number of arenas, stadiums, and cafeterias before landing the contract with Sherwood Food Distributors.

"We're focused on volume," Goldberg says. "That's why we partnered with Sherwood Food Distributors."

Savorfull now has a staff of six employees after hiring four new workers in the last year. It also is bringing on six interns this summer.

Source: Stacy Goldberg, founder & CEO of Savorfull
Writer: Jon Zemke
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