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Seed for thought: Is the Midwest the new Silicon Valley?

Yes, the Midwest is much bigger than Silicon Valley. Yes, the Bay Area has a huge head start when it comes to a new economy-based entrepreneurial ecosystem. But that doesn't mean the Midwest, and Michigan in particular, isn't making strides. TechTown, the Ann Arbor SPARK business accelerators and the new angel investor tax credits are real-world proof of where Metro Detroit's economy is heading in the 21st Century.


While all this activity is still eclipsed by the activity in Silicon Valley, it's the start -- actually, more than the start -- of a transformation occurring across the Midwest. And it's probably why the CEOs of venture-backed companies were most bullish on company growth in the Midwest compared to any other region in the U.S.

Read the rest of the story here, and a story about Michigan's new angel investor tax credits here, and a story about how the future of the Great Lakes State's economy lies with start-ups here.
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