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Michigan ranked No. 17 on 2010 New Economy Index

When it comes to economic development lists, Michigan has had a nasty habit of ending up on the wrong end of them at times. Not this time, and not with this important subject of developing a new economy. The state of Michigan is ahead of the likes of Texas, North Carolina, and Florida.


Many jobs lost in the recession are never coming back and job creation is expected to be sluggish for years. This has created an imperative to develop new jobs, business models and industries. The states are on the front line of this effort and it is more important than ever for them to embrace innovation and the New Economy. In the 2010 State New Economy Index, ITIF shows how the states are doing in efforts to be competitive in the global, entrepreneurial, innovation- and knowledge-based New Economy. The report builds on previous reports that go back more than a decade, and uses 26 indicators to assess the states' efforts to succeed in the innovation economy.

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