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LLamasoft growth spurt includes 35 hires in 2014

The LLamasoft growth streak continues to spike unabated as the downtown Ann Arbor-based firm expands its footprint around the world.

The logistics firm spent its first decade establishing its software in the logistics marketplace, building up a customer base of bigger and bigger firms. LLamasoft landed $6 million in a Series A round of venture capital investment and has leveraged that to scale its business.

"We have had some really significant growth," says Ginger Stegmier, vice president of marketing for LLamasoft. "We increased our revenue by 80 percent over the last year."

And it has been adding staff, hiring 35 people since the start of this year. It now employs about 150 people in the U.S. and close to 200 people worldwide. After relying on a London office for European growth, LLamasoft has opened satellite in both France and Germany over the last year, and plans to keep expanding its presence in a similar fashion around the world.

It's all part of plan to keep doing all of the little things in its business plan to keep growing the company. LLamasoft has expanded its sales and marketing teams to better brand itself. It has also worked to make its logistics software more accessible to customers.

"It's not one thing we have done," Stegmier says. "It's a variety of things we have done to grow."

LLamasoft is also hosting its fourth annual logistics/supply chain design conference (SummerCon) in Ann Arbor next week. The conference, which features a keynote address by Bill Nye the Science guy, has attracted participants from more than 20 countries and some big names in U.S. logistics, including the senior vice president of logistics for Pepsi.

"We have a lot of industry heavy hitters participating this year, and a lot of local companies," Stegmier says. "We're pretty excited about that."

Source: Ginger Stegmier, vice president of marketing for LLamasoft
Writer: Jon Zemke
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