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Google starts 2011 with plans to grow Ann Arbor office

Google is planning to expand its AdWords headquarters in Ann Arbor this year as the company gets ready for what it expects to be a year ripe for expansion.

"We just had one of our best quarters, and our emerging businesses are on fire," says Jake Parrillo, spokesman for Google. "Because of that we need to grow the team."

Right now Google has eight different types of jobs open at its Ann Arbor office, but Parrillo adds that the company plans to hiring multiple people at each of those job descriptions. Google is looking for people who people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who have entrepreneurial aspirations and "want to change the world." Check out the job listings here.

Parrillo won't predict how many people Google will add in Ann Arbor over the next year beyond that it's more than just a few jobs. "We're growing the operations in a significant way," Parrillo says.

Google established its AdWords office in downtown Ann Arbor nearly five years ago. It made a big splash with its innovative company culture and promises of rapid growth from one of the hottest companies in the world. It set up shop in the heart of arguably Michigan's most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem, downtown Ann Arbor, where one of its co-founders attended the University of Michigan.

"We know to attract the best talent we need to be in the places where people want to work," Parrillo says.

When the office first opened, it was widely publicized that Google would create 1,000 jobs in Ann Arbor for its AdWords office. Google hasn't hit that mark yet. Parrillo declines to state how many people currently work in Google's Ann Arbor office beyond saying that Google employs "well over 250 people in Michigan" mainly in its Ann Arbor and Birmingham offices. He maintains that Google never made the promise to create 1,000 jobs in Michigan, but they remain enthusiastic about growing their presence here.

Source: Jake Parrillo, spokesman for Google
Writer: Jon Zemke

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