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FlexSys launches new airfoil tech, grows staff

FlexSys has spent several years developing cutting-edge airfoil technology, and now the Ann Arbor-based aerospace firm is within a few months of testing to commercialize it.

"So far everything has worked flawlessly," says Sridhar Kota, founder of FlexSys.

The 14-year-old company started testing FlexFoil with NASA last fall. The technology is a variable geometry airfoil, which could replace the wing flaps on a jet.

"We replaced the conventional flaps on that with a continuous piece of metal that changes shape," Kota says.

FlexFoil is a deformable, seamless surface that changes shape for optimized performance throughout the flight regime saving jet fuel and reducing noise. Check out a video about the technology here.

"We are the only company who has equipped an airplane with a surface like this," Kota says.

FlexSys expects to finish testing the FlexFoil by March, and begin selling it commercial aerospace companies shortly after. FlexSys currently has a staff of 11 employees and two interns. It is looking to hire two more people, including a software developer and a senior technician in business development.

Source: Sridhar Kota, founder of FlexSys
Writer: Jon Zemke
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